Wampler Phenom


Wampler Phenom
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The Phenom is Brian's newest addition to the lineup and it has a very buget friendly price tag! The Phenom is a distortion pedal based off of the famous 5150 amp and will nail the Eddie Van Halen type tones. 

With a 3 band EQ it is a very versatile pedal that gives you many tone shaping options and the bright and classic switch enables you to further tweak your sound.

Here's what Brian Wampler says about the Phenom-

“The Phenom distortion is a circuit I’ve been working on for a few years now. Years ago we made several versions of a pedal called the Plextortion but I never was 100% happy with it, so I restarted from the ground up using JFETs instead of op amps and clipping diodes. In this arrangement the fets are driven much in the same way that you would use tubes to distort a signal, but it’s a unique circuit. I wanted to get a bit more of an old 5150 type of flavor to it.”