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Link to D'Addario EXL110 and EXL120 12 pack Special Offer
Pedal Train Pedal Board with Evidence Audio SIS Plugs and Monorail

Pedal Train Pedal Board with Evidence Audio SIS Plugs and Monorail

Pedal Boards are great as they are so individual and a huge amount of thought goes in to selecting the pedals, cables, boards and power supplies. By having a Pedal Board you can cut down on setup time, optimise space and cause less wear and risk to your pedals making it far more reliable.

We make all sorts of boards up for customers. Have a look at this one for some great ideas and suggestions.

read our article..

How To Restring an Acoustic Image

How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar

We are always being asked for the best ways to restring. I have created YouTube videos, images and text to help with this.

read How To Restring an Acoustic Article..

Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary edition released at Namm 2016

Orange Namm 2016 new products

It's always exciting this time of year to see what new shiny things come out! Fortunately one of our favourite brands has release some great new products.

THE NEW ARRIVALS: Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary, Two Stroke Boost, Amp Detonator Y switcher, 4 Stroke Bass Amps, OB1 Combo, O Bass Guitar and O Headphones. All new Namm release items are grouped here NAMM16

Popular Product Categories

Orange Amps - We love this iconic British brand and have been a super centre for Orange for many years.

Carvin Amps - The V3M and Steve Vai Legacy 3 are our best selling amps. They are sensational and great value for money

Evans Drum Heads

Evans Drum Heads - We stock a huge range of the Evans range. Shipping is just £4-95 for any number of heads!

Picture of a Planet Waves Capo

Capos - We stock some of the best capos and particularly recommend D'Addario Planet Waves

Guitar Leads, Patch Leads, TRS Leads

Guitar Leads and Patch Leads - There are a huge range of cables available from Planet Waves and Evidence Audio with various ranges. We keep almost everything in stock at all times.

Planet Waves Modular Snake

Modular Snake Cable System - Designed to make life much easier when connecting to a desk from a distance. These are very versatile and ideal for home studio and live use.

Picture of a Violin with D'Addario Kaplan Strings - D'Addario Bowed

Orchestral Strings - Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass strings in a number of ranges.

Rico Reserve Picture - Link to Rico Reeds page

Rico and Vandoren Reeds - From student to professional grade at great prices. Alto Sax, Bb Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Mouthpieces, Accessories

D'Addario Electric Strings Image

Electric Guitar Strings - Great brands in stock! D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir and Rotosound.

D'Addario Acoustic Strings Image

Acoustic Guitar Strings - Martin & Co, D'Addario, ErnieBall, Elixir and Rotosound.

Guitar Tuners - We have some great tuners available.

Effects Pedals - We have some of our favourite brands available including Carl Martin and Wampler.

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D'Addario EXL110BT vs EXL110

The revolutionary balanced gauges bring perfect feel to guitar strings.

Back To School For Music

In store we have a number of Back To School instruments such as Ukes, Recorders, Drum Accessories, Classical and Acoustic Guitars.

Evans and Remo Comparison

We have put together a table to help customer compare the different sub brands between the companies.

Fender Time Line

A simple article giving a brief run down on Fender's History

Guitar Tone Woods

Wood affects the tone of instruments. We have put an article together as a quick guide.

Tinnitus Awareness

As musicians our ears should be important to us. Often we disregard the damage that can be done until too late.

How To Restring and Acoustic

A very helpful Article on Restring an Acoustic guitar.

Mammoth Tusk Nut

We use a 10,000 year old piece of Mammoth Tusk to make a nut for a Gibson Les Paul

Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Some great gift ideas for Guitarists.

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