We sell great brands and always aim to have great pricing on all our product lines. Our cart has a system built in to it to reward you for multiple item purchases. This is across any mix and is up to 5% for 10 items. Remember, this applies to Amps and other high value items as well!

New! Carvin Steve Vai Legacy Preamp Pedal

We have just started receiving the first deliveries of the stunning new Legacy Preamp Pedal! This is a highly sought after preamp for obvious reasons and gives access to the astonishing tones of the Legacy Amp.

£495 - Click Here for availability

Ukuleles in Plymouth!

We now stock a wonderful range of Ukuleles with brands Kala, Laka, Brunswick and more to add in the future. They are listed in the Ukulele Section of the site. You are of course welcome to come in and give them a try!

Ukuleles Plymouth

Popular Product Categories

Orange Amps - We love this iconic British brand and have been a super centre for Orange for many years.

Evans Drum Heads

Evans Drum Heads - We stock a huge range of the Evans range. Shipping is just £4-95 for any number of heads!

Guitar Leads, Patch Leads, TRS Leads

Guitar Leads and Patch Leads - There are a huge range of cables available from Planet Waves and Evidence Audio with various ranges. We keep almost everything in stock at all times.

Picture of a Violin with D'Addario Kaplan Strings - D'Addario Bowed

Orchestral Strings - Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass strings in a number of ranges.

D'Addario Electric Strings Image

Electric Guitar Strings - Great brands in stock! D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir and Rotosound.

D'Addario Acoustic Strings Image

Acoustic Guitar Strings - Martin & Co, D'Addario, ErnieBall, Elixir and Rotosound.

GuitarTuners - We have some great tuners available.

EffectsPedals - We have some of our favourite brands available including Carl Martin and Wampler.

Popular Articles

Our Articles cover a range of information from Tech Guides, Timelines and Reviews. View ALL ARTICLES here...

How To Restring an Acoustic

We are always being asked for the best ways to restring. I have created YouTube videos, images and text to help with this.

Custom PedalTrain Board

We make all sorts of boards up for customers. Have a look at this one for some great ideas and suggestions.

Evidence Audio SIS Review

The SIS Plug is quite simple the best patch cable for Pedal Boards. Check out our info page for more info.

D'Addario EXL110BT vs EXL110

The revolutionary balanced gauges bring perfect feel to guitar strings.

Back To School For Music

In store we have a number of Back To School instruments such as Ukes, Recorders, Drum Accessories, Classical and Acoustic Guitars.

Evans and Remo Comparison

We have put together a table to help customer compare the different sub brands between the companies.

Fender Time Line

A simple article giving a brief run down on Fender's History

Guitar Tone Woods

Wood affects the tone of instruments. We have put an article together as a quick guide.

Tinnitus Awareness

As musicians our ears should be important to us. Often we disregard the damage that can be done until too late.

Breaking Strings?

Some helpful tips if you keep breaking strings.

Mammoth Tusk Nut

We use a 10,000 year old piece of Mammoth Tusk to make a nut for a Gibson Les Paul

Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Some great gift ideas for Guitarists.

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