Same-Day Stringing In-Store (While You Wait)

The regular Restring price is £6 + Strings. We now offer a time slot restring service you can book in advance using this very simple web-app. Same-Day Restringing must be booked via this system.

  • Includes Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Classical, Uke, Mandolin
  • Does Not include Bowed Instruments, Floyd Rose Guitars, Locking Floating Trems


Check out our Boutique Guitar Page, where you can find a stunning collection of high-quality and unique guitars that are sure to elevate your playing experience to new heights. Our selection features some of the finest instruments from renowned guitar makers around the world, each crafted with precision and care to deliver exceptional tone and playability.

Kemper Profiler Article!

We are stockists of Kemper Profilers. Have a read of this article which answers some common questions as to what the Kemper does.

D’Addario Coated XT Strings!

We have been waiting for this product to come along for a long time. Soundunlimited is delighted to announce the new X Series, D’Addario XT Strings for Electric, Acoustic, Bass, Classical and Folk.

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We are always being asked for the best ways to restring. I have created YouTube videos, images and text to help with this.

Evidence Audio SIS Review

The SIS Plug is quite simple the best patch cable for Pedal Boards. Check out our info page for more info.

Fender Time Line

A simple article giving a brief run down on Fender's History

"PJD Guitars was founded in 2010 by Leigh Dovey. The name PJD is dedicated to the memory of Leigh's late father who was prop maker for the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden.

In 2017 PJD moved up to York to a bigger workshop, and for the past 5 years Leigh has been putting his heart and soul into building the best instruments he's ever built. Standardising his prototype models like the Carey and St John, Leigh now has more models in development and wants to bring even more British hand made PJD guitars to the guitar industry.

The PJD Carey Elite, Carey Custom and Carey Standard have all received a 9/10 review in Guitarist magazine (UK)."