Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Edition


Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Edition

Orange Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Edition

10 years! It doesn't seem that long ago Orange developed the sensational, trend setting Tiny Terror. It marked a radical change for small amp design and many companies tried to jump in and make a version of it. Few got it right. 30,000 Tiny Terrors have sold and now we have an Anniversary Edition to celebrate.

This Limited Edition version is really special and is truly a worthy contender in future classic amps. This is Point-To-Point Hand Wired in London and made with high grade components. The stainless steal chassis and sleeve are polished and sport a British Racing Green panel with the "Orange Pics" graphics above the controls. The Jewel green light, a first for Orange, making a unique statement for the Limited Run. Limited Run - 110 of these Half Stacks will be available. Each purchase will come complete with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Orange founder and CEO Cliff Cooper.

This is not just the Limited Edition Tiny Terror but also a matching custom cab in British Racing Green with Gold Piping both proudly made in London.

Orange's lead designer, and genius, Ade loves 2x10 Cabs. They deliver a bigger and fuller tone than a 1x12 yet have more clarity and response. By making them offset they fit in the same size enclosure as the PPC112.

The speakers are Celestion Alnico Gold with Ade collaborating with them to make what he calls 'the best 10" speaker on the market'. Unlike the PPC112 this 2x10 is open backed. The sound will be less direct and allow its tone to resonate from the back which will be perfect for small stages and particularly studios.

This is a truely sensational cab which will not be available as a separate item.

Offset Speaker

By having offset speakers the cab can remain very small and deliver stunning tone.

Gold Piping

The Gold handle and piping finish this beautifully.

Alnico 10" Gold

The best 10" speaker around and will compliment the Tiny Terror perfectly.

Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Point-To-Point Hand Wired

Tiny Terror Prototype from 14/11/2006. This became the Hardwired Tiny Terror.

Point-To-Point really is the most painstaking way to make an amp, Orange and Ade should be commended for doing this.

Tiny Terror Video

The Tiny Terror really did change the amp market almost immediately from it's release 10 years ago!

It was designed to fit on a piece of A4 paper but have the sound of a full sized head at low wattage. Other manufacturers immediately started making Lunchbox amp heads but few came close to the Tiny Terror.

This 20 minute video is great if you have the time!

Overview: Limited edition half stack: all-valve, hardwired Tiny Terror amplifier head & matching 2×10″ speaker cabinet
Amplifier Details: Output: 7 or 15W (Switchable) |Valves: 2 × ECC83/12AX7 & 2 × EL84 |Speaker Outputs: 1 × 8/16 Ohm or 2 × 16 Ohm | Polished stainless steel chassis
Speaker Cabinet Details: Open back design |80 Watts RMS | 2 × 10″ Celestion G10 Alnico Gold speakers | 18mm birch plywood construction | Woven paper grille cloth |British racing green vinyl |Impedance: 16 Ohms
Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D):

Head: 30.3 × 19 × 15.3cm (11.93 × 7.48 × 6.02")

Cabinet: 55 × 45 × 29cm (21.65 × 17.72 × 11.42)

Unboxed Weight:

Head: 5.45kg (12.02 lb)

Cabinet: 18.3kg (40.34 lb)

Final Thoughts

Most of us are familiar with low wattage amps. However, it is important to remember not only is 7 watts actually quite loud but it also requires a cab that can produce a good tone by pushing the speaker to a point where it is working efficiently. One of the advantages of the 2x10" Speaker Cab is it will be able to achieve a fuller sound at a lower volume than a 12" and with the open back should be a wonderful amp for all sorts of applications.

The EL84 Power Amp Tubes are a delight to play when you feel the bloom and natural compression as they begin to break up, even just a little. The Tiny Terror is well known for being a tone monster in a small package with great versatility and simple, responsive controls.

This stunning 10th Anniversary Edition takes things to the next level in truly brilliant, bold and British style. I love the care and attention to detail and can't wait to try it!

I couldn't resist adding (another British icon) a picture of this British Racing Green Aston Martin DBS.