Matamp Series 2000 Head and Cab with Reverb unit Peter Green 'Albatross' replica


Matamp Series 2000 Head and Cab with Reverb unit Peter Green 'Albatross' replica
We are very excited to be offering up this very rare Matamp series 2000 that is an exact replica of the original Matamp Peter Green used to record 'Albatross' in 1969. The head comes equipped with the matching 2x12 cab and reverb unit.


The Matamp Series 2000 is a line of guitar amplifiers known for their distinctive tone and vintage-inspired design. These amplifiers are handcrafted in the United Kingdom and have gained a reputation among guitarists for their rich, warm sound and exceptional build quality.

The Series 2000 features both tube-driven preamp and power amp sections, utilizing high-quality components to deliver a classic tube amplifier sound. The amplifiers typically have a simple control layout, consisting of knobs for volume, tone shaping, and sometimes additional features like reverb or tremolo.

One of the standout features of the Matamp Series 2000 is its ability to produce thick, harmonically rich overdrive and distortion tones. These amps excel at delivering dynamic, responsive sounds that can range from smooth and bluesy to powerful and saturated. Many guitarists praise the Series 2000 for its ability to enhance the natural characteristics of their instruments and provide a highly expressive playing experience.