Hughes and Kettner Era 2 Acoustic Combo Amp in Natural Finish (Second Hand)

Hughes and Kettner

Hughes and Kettner Era 2 Acoustic Combo Amp in Natural Finish (Second Hand)
Era 2 is the second acoustic amplifier in Hughes & Kettner’s era acoustic series. Alongside extraordinary acoustic power, era 2 gives you richly detailed definition for peerless authenticity and tonal brilliance, plus a bunch of remarkably innovative and intuitive features to make every performance better.

Built in Germany to the highest quality standards, era 2’s extra power and low-end make it the perfect choice for players who require serious volume and bass for performance purposes.

The Era 2 is compact and a good weight which means you can easily carry from home to the gig to cover all of the sounds you need for any acoustic instrument.

This Amp is Second Hand so does show some minor signs of wear but overall it's in great condition. Please see photos attatched.

High-definition Audio
* Painstakingly selected, top-drawer components
* Excellent preamps
* Premium-quality AD/DA converters
* Custom-made power amp with a massive 400 watts of headroom

Wonderfully dynamic response, richly detailed definition, extraordinary amounts of headroom – it all adds up to a natural-sounding audio experience unrivaled in authenticity.
The powerful low-end also makes era 2 the amplifier of choice for bassists.

Intuitive Handling With Zero Compromises
* Two fully featured, identical channels
* Independent FX engine for each channel with 16 programs
* Very effective Preshape and Mode buttons to voice channels to suit different instruments and vocal registers
* Only slightly larger than conventional 60-watt acoustic combos

Superior Quality
* Developed by renowned acoustic amp designer Michael Eisenmann in a joint effort with the Hughes & Kettner team
* Choice materials, handpicked for durability and ruggedness
* Made in Germany to the most discriminating standards for quality