Hercules EZPack Guitar Stand


Hercules EZPack Guitar Stand
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The GS200B is a great little stand. It is extremely compact and fits in to pockets of gig bags with relative ease. An excellent gift and utility for a gigging musician.

It measures 25.5cm x 10.5cm when closed. This will fit in some hard case pockets but it’s not likely to fit in an internal pocket of a Hiscox acoustic case, for example.

The stand is made from a hardened plastic and is extremely solid. There is also a nitro safe rubber guard around the edges to protect the guitar.

Many cheap stands have a rubber on them which can cause damage to Nitro finishes. All Hercules Stands are Nitro Safe.

Hercules GS200 for Electric and Acoustic The simple spring loaded ‘stopper’ allows for use of electric and acoustics.

Hercules GS200 easy to open It’s really easy to open and close the GS200 for a quick setup or exit at a gig. They have also incorperated a very simple but effective gearing inside so the two halfs open at the same time.

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