The JV Modified Series combines classic aesthetics with modern playability to suit the needs of today’s guitarist. Taking cues from the now highly sought-after “Japanese Vintage” reissues from the early ‘80s, JV Modified guitars are a refined take on a modern classic.

The ’60s Custom Telecaster has a resonant basswood body and is double bound for a touch of elegance. Its dual single-coil pickups are voiced to deliver classic Tele tone. A 4-way switch allows players to quickly select each pickup individually or both pickups in either series or parallel wiring. A push-pull pot on the tone control allows players to flip the pickups in and out of phase in switch positions 2 and 4. The Soft "V"-shaped maple neck has a silky-smooth satin finish and plays effortlessly thanks to the 9.5" radius rosewood fingerboard and medium jumbo frets.

For the player seeking classic Fender instruments with a twist, the JV Modified Series delivers a unique combination of vintage Fender style and modern playability.

These are photos of the actual guitar.

  • Basswood body finished in White Blonde
  • Thick soft “V” maple neck with 9.5” radius maple board
  • Vintage-voiced pickups
  • 3 brass barrel saddle bridge and vintage-style locking tuners
  • 4-way switch with ‘series’ mode, push-pull pot on tone activates out-of-phase mode

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The Fender Vintage-Style Machine Heads are a perfect fit for the Fender MIJ 50's Tele. With vintage styling and excellent tuning stability these are a great set of Machine Heads.


This guitar features Fender vintage voiced pickups. They have a bright, clear sound that helps to achieve that iconic tele tone. Fabulous cleans through to cutting overdriven sounds.


The Polyurethane finish is much more resistant to general wear, meaning that scratches and dings are harder to see and inflict. This helps to leave your new Stratocaster looking shiny even after decades of use!


Fender's long-established wood combinations remain intact with the Made in Japan Tele. Featuring a basswood body, this popular material ensures balanced lows, lively mids and a crisp top-end, serving as the perfect foundation for the spanky tele tones.


The vintage-style bridge is essentially unchanged from the original Tele bridge, still retining that classic aesthetic.

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