Ernie Ball Volume Pedal 500K Stereo-Pan (P06165)

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal 500K Stereo-Pan (P06165)

Ernie Ball 500K Stereo/Pan Volume Pedal (6165)



Ernie Ball volume pedals don’t just look really cool on your pedal board, they do their job perfectly too! The smooth looks, rugged housing, easy operation and tonal clarity of these pedals has made them the number one volume pedal for a good reason. Look no further for a volume pedal, Ernie Ball offer them in all kinds of configurations for passive or active electronics and mono or stereo operation.



The dual potentiometer has a 500k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of passive or active instruments. Attached to the footplate is a switch that provides the user two operating modes (volume or pan). Use the A input / A output for the left channel, B input / B output for the right channel.



10cm Wide

28cm Long

7cm High


Does not require a power source to operate.