D&A Grip Chrome - WH-0101


D&A Grip Chrome - WH-0101
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The BEST OF CLASS D&A Grip Guitar Wall Hanger softly and securely cradles instruments away from the wall and off the floor, with a clean and elegant design. It mounts easily to transform any room in minutes. Its open, yet secure form provides easy access to many different types of guitars, acoustic and electric (up to 2 1/8" inches). The TPE polymer over-molding keeps every detail of your guitar safe from wear and tear.


Inspired engineering and a solid steel alloy framework allows the D&A GRIP wall hanger to easily support the weight of the heaviest guitar (tested up to 50 lbs).


Soft but extremely durable TPE polymer (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) covers all points of contact between the D&A GRIP and your guitar, ensuring that your guitar’s finish is not damaged. It is safe for all guitar finishes.


All D&A stands and hangers utilize the D&A Grip Friction System. This system virtually eliminates the possibility of instrument slippage by using optimally spaced teeth like nodules (molded into the T.P.E. polymer yoke) to maximize grip on practically any stringed instrument.