Anasounds Feed Me – BC 108 silicon fuzz


Anasounds Feed Me – BC 108 silicon fuzz

Tired of turning your pedal knobs back gig after gig?

Inspired of Hendrix' Fuzz Face tone, the Feed Me fuzz is a plug-and-play pedal handmade with high quality components in Nice, France. Its apparent simplicity hides internal trim pots allowing you to shape your own tone. Once you are done, just screw the back of the pedal back up, and you settings won't move!

Don't be shy and explore the great variety of sounds this very versatile pedal can provide, going from a slightly pushed overdrive to fat and thick fuzz tones.


You get the natural sound of the effect when it is at 0. more you turn it, more you cut the trebles.


+15dB at the output.


Controls the craziness of the effect


Controls light intensity


Adjust the amount of the attack entering the system. a lot of feed means an infinite sustain.


Set if you want the creamy and massive feed me or an insane and explosive germanium fuzz sound.

Here is a demo of the previous version of the Feed Me, with knobs on the side of the pedal.