The Eastman E20DTC is a top-of-the-line acoustic guitar that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that Eastman Guitars is known for. This guitar features a solid Adirondack spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, providing a warm and resonant tone that is perfect for a wide range of playing styles. The guitar's ebony fingerboard and bridge offer exceptional durability and stability, while its C-shaped neck and 12-inch fingerboard radius make it comfortable and easy to play. The E20DTC also features Eastman's unique thermo-cured construction, which enhances the tonal properties of the wood and provides increased stability and longevity to the instrument. With its vintage-style appointments, including a tortoise shell pickguard and open-gear tuners, the E20DTC has a classic look and feel that is sure to appeal to players of all genres. Overall, the Eastman E20DTC is a stunning instrument that offers exceptional tone and playability, and is a testament to Eastman Guitars' commitment to excellence.

These Photos are of the Actual Guitar.

  • Neck Material:Mahogany
  • Fingerboard:Ebony
  • Fingerboard Radius:12"
  • Neck Profile:Traditional Even "C"
  • Nut:Bone 1 3/4"
  • Fretwire:20 Jescar-FW43080
  • Scale Length:25.4
  • Body Dimensions:16" X 4-23/32"
  • Bracings:Hand-Carved Scalloped X
  • Body Top:Solid Thermo Cured Adirondack Spruce
  • Body Back/Sides:Solid Rosewood
  • Bridge/Saddle:Ebony/Bone, 2-5/32" Spacing
  • Rosette:Classic
  • Truss Rod:Dual Acting
  • Binding:Top/Back
  • Binding Material:Herringbone
  • Logo:Pearl Headstock
  • Inlay:Abalone Snowflakes
  • Bridge Pins:Ebony with Abalone Inlay
  • Body Top Finish:Gloss Finish
  • Back/Sides Finish:Gloss Finish
  • Hardware Color:Nickel
  • Pickguard:Tortoise Shell
  • Tuners:Gotoh SEP780-06M-N
  • Strings:D'Addario XT Phosphor Bronze .012 -.053
  • Action Height:12th fret 3/32" on the bass side and 2/32" on the treble side
  • Case:Hardshell Case
  • Truss Rod Wrench:4mm

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These Gotoh vintage style tuners are very high quality and are a perfect match for this instrument. They are very responsive and provide accurate and reliable tuning stability.


Adirondack wood, also known as red spruce, is a popular choice for acoustic guitar tops due to its excellent tonal properties. This type of wood is known for its stiffness and strength, which allows it to resonate well and produce a bright and powerful sound. Adirondack wood also has a high stiffness-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal material for creating a thin, lightweight guitar top that can vibrate freely and produce rich overtones. In addition, this wood is highly prized for its tight, even grain pattern, which contributes to its beautiful appearance and enhances its tonal quality.

One of Eastman's unique techniques is the thermo-curing process, which involves baking the wood at a high temperature in a low-oxygen environment. This process helps to stabilize the wood and remove any moisture, which can cause the wood to warp or deform over time. The result is a guitar with increased durability and stability, as well as improved tonal properties. The thermo-curing process also enhances the wood's natural color and grain patterns, resulting in a more visually appealing instrument.


Madagascan rosewood is prized for its beautiful appearance and rich, full-bodied tone. This wood has a reddish-brown color with dark streaks and a striking grain pattern that adds visual interest to the guitar. When used in guitar construction, Madagascan rosewood contributes to a warm, balanced tone with a strong midrange and clear high-end. It also offers excellent projection and sustain, making it a popular choice for fingerstyle and flatpicking guitarists alike. In addition to its tonal properties, Madagascan rosewood is a durable and long-lasting wood that can stand up to the rigors of heavy playing and travel. Overall, this species is a versatile and highly sought-after wood that adds both aesthetic beauty and tonal excellence to any acoustic guitar.


Ebony fingerboards are a popular choice for acoustic guitars due to their dense, smooth surface and ability to enhance clarity and sustain in the instrument's sound. This complements the mahogany neck very well thus providing a very balanced, projecting tone.

The Abalone snowflake inlays are impressive and are very pleasing to the eye, which look great on the dark ebony fingerboard.


Featuring a classic design Ebony bridge/saddle and bridge pins, this is very high quality and is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye whilst also providing very accurate tuning stability.

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