Wampler - The Doctor


Wampler - The Doctor

Born from a collaboration between Brian Wampler and superstar, tele-master Brad Paisley, The Doctor Lo-Fi Delay pedal exudes a gritty character that works as well for laying down an ambient sonic bed as it does for old-school slapback. Give the pedal’s Rate and Depth knobs a spin, and the self-oscillating repeats easily become an aural wash that, while not interfering with the notes you’re playing, is still far from subtle. And the pedal’s straightforward control layout - such as onboard tap tempo control with four easily selectable rhythmic subdivisions - makes use of The Doctor Lo-Fi Delay a triumph over many of the menu-based delay engines of today. Brian Wampler and Brad Paisley know guitar tone. Take a tip from them and add the lo-fi delay goodness of The Doctor to your pedalboard. We think you’ll find it’s right in your Wheelhouse.

There are few tones more addictive to guitarists than the runaway repeats of a self-oscillating delay. With The Doctor, you can put that glorious chaos underneath your playing as an ambient cloud that is anything but pristine. We think you’ll find that Brian Wampler has succeeded in expertly balancing the line of tonal radiance and grainy disintegration like precious few delay pedal creators before. The Lo-Fi repeats that become a sonic bedrock for your tone, working along with the modulation, and the 100% analog, untouched signal path for your original/through tone.

The Doctor has a pretty straightforward control layout

Depth knob will control the amount of oscillation from your effect in your mix.

Your rate knob controls the speed of the oscillation.

Tone control acts like a treble-cut. Put it all the way to the left to keep the clarity of your sound in the repeats of your delay, and the more you turn it to the right, the darker your repeats will be.

Repeats controls how many repeats you will get from the effect.

Control how much of your delay sound you want in your signal with the delay mix knob

Delay time can be contolled either with the delay knob or with the tap tempo control