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We stock many useful instruments and accessories and have quick access to many more. Most importantly we ensure everything we sell is a great value instrument and not a toy! Many toy stores and catalogues sell 'beginner' instruments which are almost unplayable and even a professional musician can't achieve a great deal with them.

We have selected brands that offer reliability and value for money. All instruments are checked and adjusted if necessary before leaving the shop.

Many professional teachers and musicians use us for their instrument services. More about our Work Shop..

Note: Most products on this page are available only In Store at the moment.

Jose Ferrer Classical Nylon String ½ and ¾ size

The Jose Ferrer classical is a fantastic entry level classical guitar and comes with a basic case.

It is a well balanced instrument and doesn't have the problems often associated with other 'starter' guitars. As such we can ensure good playability, sound and stability.

Jose Ferrer ½ size £69

Jose Ferrer ¾ size £75

Picking a size

It is difficult to judge a size for a child as there is so much variance in height, hand size and just how comfortable they may be them. We recommend coming in and having a feel of the guitars.

Drumming Accessories and Kits

We stock a range of accessories for drummers including practise pads, drum sticks, percussion, sound off and replacements drum heads. We also have access to a large range of starter kits. Unfortunately, we don't have the space to keep kits in stock but would be delighted to talk you through the options. Usually, orders take 2-3 days.


Start from £199 and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

We also do Sound Off kits to help the volume issues associated with drum kits.


We only do high grade sticks meaning no splinters or odd balanced pairs. Our Pro Mark range is huge but the most popular for beginners is the 7AW in Hickory.

Practise Pads

These pads are designed to feel like a real head but have very little volume.

They are an excellent tool for a new drummer.


The BU1S is an excellent entry level Uke. It is designed to a playable and stay in tune. Ukes are very difficult to keep in tune and rely on decent machine heads, good strings and a well cut nut (the bit the string pass though at the head stock) to have a reliable and fun instrument.

We now carry a huge range of Ukes so it would be well worth coming in and having a look.

Aulos Descant Recorders

The affordable 303 Recorder is single wall but still a reasonable tone.

Aulos 303 Brown Recorder £7.50

The more expensive one is popular and familiar with the Cream and Brown finish. This has a cavity wall which improves the tone and volume.

Aulos 205A Cream & Black Recorder £13.95

Squier Mini ¾ Electric by Fender

This great ¾ Electric is perfect for Primary School aged children. We set every guitar up to make sure they are absolutely perfect. The guitar on it's own is £125 and packages with an amp start from £220.00.


We sell a vast array of amps but are particularly thrilled with the Orange Crush 20L. At £105 it is excellent value for money especially considering it's heritage and sound!

It also has a Head Phone out which mutes the speaker so not to annoy the neighbours too much.