Planet Waves Modular Snake Female Coupler PW-DB25FC-01

Planet Waves

Planet Waves Modular Snake Female Coupler PW-DB25FC-01
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The Planet Waves PW-DB25FC-01 is a DB25 female coupler for use with the Planet Waves Modular Snake series.

The Planet Waves Modular Snake System allows you to custom configure connections to your individual needs without the need for soldering or adapters. This provides the most flexible and easily interchangeable wiring option on the market. The Modular Snake system eliminates the need to buy multiple different snakes with permanent ends and provides maximum wiring flexibility in the studio. The core connectors have industry standard DB25 connectors on both ends and are available in multiple different lengths. Breakout connectors are available for TRS, XLR, Bantam/TT and even a connector-free breakout that allows you to choose your own plugs and custom solder to your specific needs. Simply choose your core cable, choose your breakouts, and plug in!