Orange Custom Shop 50 - Katherin


Orange Custom Shop 50 - Katherin
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We are thrilled to have been offered the last of the Custom Shop 40th Anniversary "One Off" amps from the depths of Oranges stock. Surely, any amp hand made by Mr. Emsley, with a unique circuit and a girls name is the ultimate collectors item! In fact we have 2! Katherin and Debbie..


This one is Katherin which was hand made by Ade Emsley on 27/02/2009.

She was found during a stock check at Orange along with Debbie and still carries a 4 Year Warranty for the future owner.

We have yet to see how she differs from Debbie but each of the 40 made had unique circuits.

The original description from Orange.

Probably the rarest and most desirable Orange amp ever made…. Only 40 of these are going to hand built during our 40th year, and what’s more, each one is unique! Yes, that’s right each one has a different circuit…. Some are more like the original ‘Pics Only’ that the cosmetics of the amp are based upon, whilst others are very different!   We have decided, as these amps are so unique, to give each one its own girl’s name… So look out for Isabelle, Jennifer, Edith, Sadie, Betty, Judy, Michelle and 33 more amps yet to be named… Each country will only see between 1 or 2 of these collectors items, and future values are set to rocket.

— Orange Amps

One Off

Each of the 40 made were Unique, hense the "One Off" being written inside.

Serial Number:

No serial numbers.. These are all just Girls names.

Hand Made

Made by the master. Ade Emsley

50th Anniversary in 2018

So we are fast approaching Orange's 50th Anniversary and I'm sure there will be some more amazing releases at NAMM18. I would be very surprised to see such unique and hand made amps like this one but whatever they make, it won't take away from the just how incredible the 40th Anniversary versions are.