Evidence Audio 3ft The Siren Speaker Cable Speak-on

Evidence Audio

Evidence Audio 3ft The Siren Speaker Cable Speak-on
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Amplified audio needs love too. Wired with Speak-on connectors commonly found in bass rigs.

Product Description

The Siren Speaker Cable applies the design priorities of Evidence Audio to a cable which can handle the demands of an amplified signal without adding distortion through strand interaction. While line-level cables can avoid the smearing we attribute to skin effect by using a 20-awg conductor, a single 20-awg conductor does not offer enough cross-sectional area to keep an amplified signal from using the conductor as a filament. Three audio optimized conductors are joined together for positive, and three for negative in order to lower resistance and provide ample dampening between an amplifier and drivers.


This speaker cable is prepared with Neutrik Speak-on connectors at both ends.