D&A Hydra - H-0600


D&A Hydra - H-0600



The D&A Guitar Gear HYDRA™ ® is like no other in its product class. It is a BEST OF CLASS guitar accessory and the most technologically advanced mutli-guitar stand on the planet! Just the same as found on our Starfish+ Active stand and our Headlock guitar hangers, the HYDRA uses three (3) gravity-activated locking heads in order to secure just as many guitars, basses, or other stringed instruments (Mandolins, Ukelele's, Banjo's, etc). Its 6 legged stance is the only one like it in the world, making it #ROCKSOLID and virtually impossible to tip over under any normal circumstances, with or without resting instruments. The TPE Polymer used in the cradles is a precise material that is guaranteed not to wear the finish off of any instrument, ever. The best thing about all D&A Guitar Gear is it's LIFETIME GUARANTEE... who does that!?


The HYDRA can handle the kicks, punches, bumps and pushes that send our competitors to the floor... literally. While other stands fall over with only 15 degrees of tilt, the HYDRA stands its ground enduring well over 30. It all comes down to a stand that’s over twice as stable and an instrument that’s 100% more secure.


Bring security with you where it matters most on the road. Believe it or not, the HYDRA folds down to half its size in seconds, so you will never have to choose between security and a seedy setup again.


Guitars are functional musical instruments, but they are just as much, works of art. The HYDRA treats them like it. Designed to the specifications of elite collectors, the HYDRA uses T.P.E. polymer (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) to cover points of contact between the yoke and your guitar, making sure your instrument stays a masterpiece.


All D&A Headlock mechanisms use a gravity activate yoke with innovative see-through gates made from virtually 'bullet proof' polycarbonate material to keep your instrument safe and sound while displaying it as the work of art it is. Fits most guitars and basses (up to 2 1/8" inches).


The Starfish series stands (which includes the HYDRA) use our D&A Grip Friction System. This system virtually eliminates the possibility of instrument slippage by using optimally spaced teeth like nodules (molded into the T.P.E. polymer yoke) to maximize grip on practically any stringed instrument.