Big Bends Encore Scratch Remover

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Big Bends Encore Scratch Remover
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Encore is a clear coat swirl mark and fine scratch remover. Big Bends Encore will work wonders to restore your guitar’s dull or lusterless finish to a stage worthy appearance. Encore also makes guitar necks silky smooth and refurbishes scratched-up pick-guards. Use with AXS Wipe for the deepest shine possible. Contains no wax or silicone. Use Gloss Sauce once desired shine is achieved to protect finish.

We use Encore Scratch

Big Bends products are superb. We use these products on all of our setups with brilliant results. The encore scratch remover does not contain wax or silicon as many others do and as such is ideal for even vintage instruments.

On a Genuine Fender 1964 Strat setup we used the range of products with absolutely confidence that the finish would not be damaged in any way. The customer had mentioned the hazy finish and asked if there was anything we could do to improve it, but not change it too much.

Haze is caused by fine scratches, often from clothing. It is not a simple wipe on and off but only took a couple of minute for the rolling results.

Before and After Encore Scratch Remover 1964 Strat

Another example is of this beautiful Tiger Eye Gibson Les Paul Premium. We restored a stunning finish with only a little graft.

Before and After Encore Scratch Remover Gibson Les Paul Premium

We recommend using the Big Bends AXS Wipe for the best results. With 70,000 particles per inch and no edge stitching they are perfect for this kind of work.

For best results ensure that our cloths are only used for the one cleaning product. On our setup bench they are kept in a labeled bag with some vent holes.

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