... a giant in a shoebox -
optimum match of size, power and performance - custom made extended midrange speaker - new sound design - improved bass response - mellow and yet crisp - powerful and enduring ...

2 channels 2 line/mic inputs 2 three-band EQs
2 DI-outs 2 line outs 6 efx presets (tap’n delay)

aux in phantom power highpass filter headphone out effect loop

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The Capo 75 comes with a Gig Bag. It fits in on it's side which is a little strange as there are no handles to lift it out. The case is well made though and will protect the amp when travelling to gigs.


The Controls on the Capo 75 are very similar to the AER Compact 60.

Input 1: The Bass, Mid and Treble are more responsive and usable on the Capo 75.

Input 2: Often used as a Microphone channel. Having a Bass, Mid and Treble on this channel is excellent and makes a big difference to the control you have. Crucially there is also a High Pass Filter. This is a Bass Cut which really helpful for removing the muddy low end of a vocal mic.


The Capo 75 is made in Indonesia. Don't let that put you off as the build quality is very high. Udo Amps have made sure that you have the solid feel you would expect from an amp in this class. The open grill is also really nice and simple.


At last a DI for each channel. This is just perfect for using the Capo 75 as a stage monitor while giving the feed to the front of house. Also great for taking lines out to record.

An AER Compact 60 only has one DI, which means both channels are mixed.

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