Planet Waves Right Angle 1/4" un-switched plug PW-GRAP-2

Planet Waves

Planet Waves Right Angle 1/4" un-switched plug PW-GRAP-2
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The D'Addario PW-GRAP-2 is a ¼" plug designed for use with D'Addario DIY Custom Cable Kits. The low profile design is ideal where thin plugs are preferred due to lack of space, such as patch bays.

Make cables quickly and easily using this plug with D'Addario custom cable kits Premium quality components for maximum power and signal transfer Available in a straight plug Limited lifetime guarantee D'Addario DIY Custom Cable Kits allows musicians to make their own custom-length instrument cable without the hassle and inconvenience of soldering. The cables are made by pushing the D'Addario plugs firmly onto the custom cable kit cable and tightening a screw on the side of the plug. The cable is marked every foot for quick and precise measuring. A variety of plug styles enable virtually limitless options: pedalboards, effects racks, DJ cases, studio applications, etc.