Orange Retro 50 Custom Shop Head


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Also available in black.

The Retro 50 Guitar Head is Orange’s vintage tone machine. Beautifully handcrafted in our UK Custom Shop, this amazing guitar amp is absolutely full of “Retro” sounds. The Retro 50 features a footswitchable gain boost and a rear panel Class A/Class AB output selection switch.

Each Custom Shop amp is individually and expertly crafted using only the finest graded components. Hand Wired, Point to Point using heavy gauge copper wiring, these amps are built to perfection, each one a masterpiece. The Orange Custom Shop is constantly designing and innovating to bring you new and exciting models. Due to their popularity, sometimes there is a waiting period for the specialized amps. We advise you to place your order well in advance. All orders are supplied in strict rotation and are individually signed and dates on the inside of the chassis by your Orange engineer.