Martin SP MSP4250 Phosphor Bronze Bluegrass


Martin SP MSP4250 Phosphor Bronze Bluegrass
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Martin SP MSP4250 13-56 Phosphor Bronze Bluegrass STANDARD


Martin Bluegrass have thicker 4th and 5th strings to enhance the mid-range and drive more volume. Create the sound you need to enhance your bluegrass music.


Martin SP Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings have a bronze flashing that provides greater durability without sacrificing tone or playability so you can stay in tune and play longer. Phosphor Bronze has a slightly warmer sound than bronze.


Martin 92/8 Phosphor Bronze is an alloy comprised of 92% copper and 8% tin with traces of lead, iron, zinc and phosphor. These strings produce a bright but slightly warmer sound than the 80/20 bronze. The phosphor in the alloy helps them retain their new sound for greater consistency.