Ibanez Supermini Metal


Ibanez Supermini Metal
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The Ibanez Super Mini Metal is a compact and versatile distortion pedal designed to deliver heavy and aggressive tones for electric guitar players. Despite its small size, it offers a powerful and dynamic sound that is well-suited for genres such as metal, hard rock, and other high-gain styles.

The Super Mini Metal features a simple control layout with three knobs: Level, Tone, and Distortion. The Level knob adjusts the output volume of the pedal, allowing you to match the pedal's level with your desired sound. The Tone knob provides control over the overall tonal character, allowing you to shape the brightness or darkness of your distorted tone. The Distortion knob controls the intensity and gain level, enabling you to dial in a range of distortion from moderate crunch to heavy saturation.

Despite its compact size, the Super Mini Metal is built with high-quality components and designed to deliver a focused and tight distortion sound. It retains clarity and articulation even at high gain settings, allowing for precise note definition and excellent string separation. This makes it suitable for both rhythm playing and lead solos.

The pedal is also designed to work well with different pickup types and guitar configurations, providing a versatile tone that can be adapted to various playing styles and musical contexts.