Evidence Audio 10 ft (3.0m) Melody Cable with Straight to Straight - MLSS10

Evidence Audio

Evidence Audio 10 ft (3.0m) Melody Cable with Straight to Straight - MLSS10

Evidence Audio Description

The Melody is a line-level analog audio cable which can be used for instruments, studios, or hifi. The negative effects of strand interaction are reduced by using a single solid core IGL copper conductor for positive, with parallel run conductors on the ground path which provide shielding with minimal crosstalk.

The Melody is best suited for studio applications or home use. Where the cable will be used live or subject to the rigours of touring, the Reveal would be a sonic equivalent using an IGL-ECS conductor in place of the IGL solid core conductor.

Our Thoughts

The Melody is a Single Solid Core cable and a great price for one of the purest signals you can buy. It is a great upgrade to almost any cable for home and studio use and is also perfect for static wiring in your studio or rig.

It is solid core so by it’s nature is stiff but it is more ‘friendly’ than the Lyric and as such a more everyday cable.

We can make these in any format you like at any length. They are also great for home studio RCA-RCA or Banana Plugs.

Solid Core vs Normal Multi Strand

A source of distortion in cables is strand interaction. Cables are stranded to provide flexibility. However, every strand in a bundle is trying to carry the same audio signal as the strands next to it. The problem arises given the fact that current running through any single strand sets up a magnetic field. This magnetic field introduces change to the signal carried in neighbouring strands. The more strands a conductor has, the worse the problem. When compared with a solid conductor of equal cross-sectional area, a stranded conductor obscures micro-dynamics and adds an edge to the sound similar to the distortion caused by low-purity copper. In addition, mid-bass and lower frequencies lose their sense of impact and articulation. Bass lines with stranded conductors are “fat” and slow, with obscured harmonics in comparison to bass conducted through a solid core cable.

Single Solid Core vs Multi strand

IGL Copper

IGL stands for Increased Grain Linearity. It is a copper that has been refined to a very high degree of purity, and in a manner that causes the copper grains to be very long and line up with parallel boundaries. Longer grains in the copper result in fewer grains per foot. Grains aren’t necessarily a bad thing It is what copper is made of. However, it is the space between the grains where impurities collect. The IGL refining process reduces the number of grains, and makes sure that the grains are aligned in a way that doesn’t allow for many impurities to collect. IGL Copper is not only very pure; it is pure in a way that results in better sound. When you listen and compare IGL copper to copper that in not refined the same way, you can hear an unnatural “bite” and grit in the higher frequencies.

The Structure

Melody Macro Images

The outside of a Melody is braided with Nylon over the rubber outer to protect the cable from damage.

Melody Macro Images

The shielding of the cable is twisted copper for very good resistance to interference.

Melody Macro Images

The Melody is an excellent signal cable and can be made up in to the following formats:

  • Mono - Mono 6 inch- 30 ft
  • RCA - RCA (Home Stereo and Studio)
  • Banana - Banana (Home Stereo and Studio)
  • 1/8" Mono Jacks
  • V Cable with 2 Melody Mono Lines
  • Y Cable Mono with Melody into 2 Monorail

All of these options are available and can be custom build by us. We use the same techniques and equipment and Evidence Audio to ensure the greatest quality.