Ernie Ball 3121 Coated Titanium Regular Slinky 10-46

Ernie Ball Titanium RPS Electric Strings are developed to preserve the life and tone of your strings. Ernie Balls’ latest development combines an exclusive coating on the wound strings and a titanium winding on the plain strings to ensure that all six strings have maximum protection.

Powerful Vibrant Tone Featuring the finest and freshest raw materials, Ernie Balls’ nickel plated steel wire provides a bright vibrant tone with superior resonance!

Titanium RPS Technology A patented winding of titanium around the ball end of the plain strings reduces string slippage, breakage and keeps them in tune better than conventional plain strings.

Element Shield Ernie Ball Titanium RPS Coated Acoustic Strings are packaged in Ernie Ball’s new ‘Element Shield’ packaging to resist humidity and keep your strings as fresh as the day they were made.