Carvin X100B 100W 2 CHANNEL HEAD


Carvin X100B 100W 2 CHANNEL HEAD

We love the X100B and have them in stock at all times. It's versatility, tone and value for money is exceptional and should be on your list of amps to look at if you want a Classic Rock Tone.

Carvin Frank Zappa X100B

The X100B series tube amps were a mainstay on many arena stages and MTV videos throughout the 1980’s. Artists such as Frank Zappa, Craig Chaquico with Jefferson Starship, Warrant, Warren Cuccurullo with Missing Persons, and Steve Vai all played X100B amps. 

Frank Zappa raved about the Clean channel on this amp. Steve Vai recorded a song called “Blue Powder” (available on his first solo release Flexable) featuring the X100B. The release of Series IV includes a master volume switchable to boost mode and a 4 button optional footswitch with LED indicators (Channel, Effects, Reverb, Boost). 

As a tribute to the original X100B amps, the new Series IV is badged with the vintage Carvin logo. 

Frank Zappa advert with the X100B

Steve Vai Demo Track

This is a great track of Steve Vai's. He did this as a demo for Carvin when they sent him his first stack of the amazing X100B.

He says "when I got it, I just stared at it for an hour.."

This is the track Blue Powder mentioned above.

1983 Steve Vai Advert

"The Carvin X100B amps have the best, brightest, natural distortion I've ever heard!
They also produce the loudest clean tone of any tube amp on the market." Steve Vai

Written in the advert..

Steve Vai has been Frank Zappa's lead guitarist for the last 3 years and, if you've heard him play, you know why he needs an amp that is capable of screaming highs or a natural clean tube sound that is instantly foot-switchable.
He also requires the versatility provided by the active tone controls and 5 band graphic E.Q. The reverb system Steve says, "Is the best I have ever heard in a guitar amplifier".

Obviously, things have changed a little since then but the X100B still remains an incredible amp and sits along-side the brilliant Steve Vai Legacy VL300

Steve Vai and the Carvin X100B from a magazine in 1983

Carvin X100B Demo by Steve Fister

This is a great demo of the X100B by Steve Fister who takes us through a lot of the features of the amp. This is a truly great amp and is very versatile, perhaps more so than you can hear in many of the videos. The broad range of E.Q. and responsive gain stages make this brilliant for all kinds of Rock. Wattage switching through 100w, 50w and 25w means can even push the output tubes on any stage.


The New VX Series Cabinets - Bold Classic Look

Carvin's newly released cabs will be great for the ever popular V3M and V3 but will be particularly welcomed for how good they look with the X100B. The white piping on black is classy and matches the style of the X100B.

VX series cabinets are designed to let your music’s passion and detail be heard by your audience and at your recording sessions. Larger cabinet sizes give new detail and body to your tone. Premium grill cloth and thicker sides will give you the stage presence to match your sound. Choose different tuning by using the open back or closed back design on the 1x12, 2x12 and even the 412 cabinets. The VX series opens up new tonal possibilities that you have never experienced before. The Baltic Birch design is sought after by top musicians for its sound and roadworthy construction.

The 1x12 and 2x12s will be in stock with us very soon.

New Carvin VX Series Speaker Cabinets