Carvin V3M Amp Head


Carvin V3M Amp Head
Carvin V3M

The award winning V3M is a small full featured amp, made in the USA (San Diego) at an incredible price.

Three Channels

The three channels make this a very versatile amp and each has a full 3 band EQ, presence, gain, volume and switches to further refine your tone. I have found incredible tones are easy to come by and it responds beautifully to playing dynamics and different voiced guitars. There is also a lovely master Reverb which is Footswitchable.

Carvin V3M Controls

Wattage Switch 7w/22w/50w

The power stage of this amp is driven by a quad of EL84s which give it a very pleasing breakup when pushed but still plenty of power and punch. The 7w / 22w / 50 w switch is a sensational addition to make this perfect for home, studio and gigging.

At a sensible level, the 7w will deliver the well known and desired ‘sag’ of a driven power tube, allowing for full hearty overdrive where preamp and poweramp work together.

At 22w you will feel more head room but achieve the compression and softness of a working power amp at a more manageable level. This is perfect for smaller venues allowing you to achieve your tone without moaning from the sound engineer.

50w delivers a lot more headroom which is great for those who want cleaner sounds at higher levels or for those who have a loud drummer! The amp can be on while switching between stages so you can easily move between them.

Carvin V3M Back

+10dB Boost + Effects Return

When the footswitch is used, you can engage the Boost which affects all channels. It is like turning the Master Volume up and great for a step up for Solo’s or different sections of a song. As it is in the poweramp stage the clean channels and overdrive channels have the same amount of ‘lift’ which is very useful. There is also a control on the back of the amp from 0dB to +10dB.

The Effects Return is also a great way to keep your front end of the amp clear of tone sucking pedals allowing you to put your Modulation and Delays in to the quiet Loop. For many guitarists the versatility of the amp allows you to plug directly in to the front with just a few pedals in the Loop.

Other Options

Many amps are in small packages these days but few with this many features and even fewer that are this price and made in the USA. The amp has optional
and UK made Flight Case available.
The V3M is also available in
We have included a brilliantly priced package, including the V3M, upright Celestion Vintage 30 2x12 Cab, Gig Bag, Footswitch and Speaker Lead