Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 Amp in Tan


Carvin Steve Vai Legacy 3 Amp in Tan

Ask about special price on footswitch and /or cover with this amp. Packages also available.

The new 100w Steve Vai signature head is now available from the UK. This amp is fully featured with power switching, effects return, 3 channels, boost and all sorts of other pro requirements.

The Carvin engineers worked very closely with Steve Vai to ensure the best of the Legacy 1 and 2 were in this head. Our first impressions are that this amp is very versatile and beautifully voiced. It’s switchable wattage means this is great for studio, small gigs and stadiums if needed.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, we will be delighted to help.

YouTube demo by Steve Vai

New! Carvin Steve Vai Legacy Preamp Pedal

We have just started receiving the first deliveries of the stunning new Legacy Preamp Pedal! This is a highly sought after preamp for obvious reasons and gives access to the astonishing tones of the Legacy Amp.

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Other information from the Manual


The equalization of the CLEAN and LEAD channels is designed to offer clarity to your instrument. The CLEAN channel’s PRESENCE switch adds acoustic voicing to your instrument by enhancing only the very highest harmonics in the 10kHz range. The LEAD channels “2” & “3” have seperate DRIVE, VOLUME, and PRESENCE controls. The second LEAD channel “3” features a GAIN switch which adds even more drive to the classic Legacy lead sound. By changing the tube gain circuits a higher gain state is acheived while maintaining a smooth, organic sound.


The MASTER volume control allows you to get the sound you want from all 3 channels, then adjust the overall volume of the amp without changing your tone or the volume balance between channels.


A switchable volume boost is available by footswitch or by MIDI. Set the amount of boost with the BOOST control. When turned on, it will boost your amp’s output by up to 6dB for solos or any time you need to stand out in the mix.


The REVERB is channel-tracking, allowing you to assign reverb to only the channels you want. Carvin’s classic “long-tail” feature lets the reverb ring out after it’s been switched off.

MIDI MEMORY and CC Control

Set the Channel (1-3), Reverb (on/off) , Boost (on/off) and internal back-lighting color. Put the Legacy 3 in “learn” mode and it will assign your settings to the MIDI program number you send from your controller. The Legacy 3 also responds to CC for each MIDI switching function.


Your amp is equipped with EL34 power tubes because of their smooth distortion, responsive sound and reliability. The compression characteristics of these “high-output” power tubes respond to the dynamic range of lead guitar playing. These tubes react even to the most subtle touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean and if you increase your attack they respond accordingly.


The T-Bridge passive BASS, MID and TREBLE tone controls offer a wide range of tone settings. Take full advantage by setting them where they sound best. Your sound may not be at center 5 on the dial. These controls will not affect or color your sound when set at extreme settings, nor do they interact with each other. The greater range of these controls comes from the high impedance 1 Meg sealed pots (most guitar amps use 250k pots). The frequency of the bass control is set at 80 Hz while the mid control is set at 650 Hz. The treble control is set at a very high 11kHz giving the Legacy 3 it’s dynamic highs.