Carl Martin Surf Trem 2017

Carl Martin


Carl Martin Surf Trem

Carl Martin effects are the result of a team of highly experienced music-industry professionals creating what they love best: quality tone in stunning effects. Featuring superior sound quality and features not found on any other guitar effects, Carl Martin pedals are the perfect blend of original design and classic functionality.

Tremolo is basically defined as a cyclical variation of vollume controlled by a low freauency oscillator, or for us players... something that makes the guitar sound oscillate between quiet and loud either quickly or slowly...  

Made famous in the 50's and 60's by bands like the Shadows and Dick Dale for that infamous 'surf sound', the Trem stuck around for many other guitar greats like Robin Trower, Hendrix and Page, right uo to SRV and beyond.


The Carl Martin Surf Trem System has simplified the whole effect to 2 simple controls (just like the trem circuit on our Fenders and Ampegs), Depth and Speed. The Depth knob controls how much of the effect you want in your guitar signal, and the Speed knob obviously controls the speed of the oscillation.