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Our Workshop

Our Workshops are always busy with Customer Repairs and Services for many different instruments. Every instrument we sell is checked and setup.

Kemper Profiler Article!

We are stockists of Kemper Profilers. Have a read of this article which answers some common questions as to what the Kemper does.

D’Addario Coated XT Strings!

We have been waiting for this product to come along for a long time. Soundunlimited is delighted to announce the new X Series, D’Addario XT Strings for Electric, Acoustic, Bass, Classical and Folk.

Popular Articles

Here are some of the most popular Articles we have written.

How To Restring an Acoustic

We are always being asked for the best ways to restring. I have created YouTube videos, images and text to help with this.

Evidence Audio SIS Review

The SIS Plug is quite simple the best patch cable for Pedal Boards. Check out our info page for more info.

Fender Time Line

A simple article giving a brief run down on Fender's History

Free Falling Cover

We have such fantastic equipment in the shop and I wanted to take the opportunity to put some Morgan Amps through their paces in a 'real' environment. On test here is the Morgan AC20 and SW22R. The AC20 with Les Paul gives a beautiful Vox growl while the SW22R has a clean chime of a Fender Deluxe. Simon also uses a Wampler Pedal for his lead sound.