Carvin V3MC Combo Amp


Carvin V3MC Combo Amp

Carvin is very excited to announce our newest V3 Series 3-channel tube amp, the V3MC micro combo. In recent years, we’ve received many requests from our customers to jump into the micro amp market, and we’re pleased to respond with this great sounding new amp. This amp was a huge hit at the 2011 NAMM Show, with players raving about the amazing sound this new amp produced. The small size and selectable power output makes the V3MC combo ideal for dorms, apartments, as well as live performances and recording when mic’d or connected directly to the board. 

The 50 watt V3MC combo amp is the musician’s dream, delivering awesome power with incredible tone including lush reverb. Its powerful 50w output easily drives the GT12 speaker while the 7 or 22 watt setting delivers sweet saturation at low levels. 

The all tube channels can be engaged with your footswitch for normal “Pristine Clean” for shimmering highs and deep bass. Switch the channel to classic rock with the deepest metal crunch or continuous sustain. Or, switch to another channel for rich harmonics infused from the “Soak” control for rich Jazz or country blues. Each channel incorporates its own character drive switches - “Bright to Soak” and “Thick” to “Intense” with EQ switches expanding the tone. Never before has there been so much tone and power from a micro series. 
 FRONT PANEL CONTROLS - POWER & STANDBY (switches) - MASTER VOLUME - MASTER REVERB - Channel Select: 1 & 2 (switches) - Channel Select: SELECT & CH3 (switches) - CONTROLS for each of the 3 channels: - DRIVE - VOLUME - PRESENCE - BASS - MID - TREBLE - INTENSE/THICK- 2 ch’s (switches) - INTENSE/SOAK - 3rd ch (switch) - EQX - Ch 1-3 (switches) REAR PANEL CONTROLS - Tubes: 4 EL84, 4 12AX7 - POWER MODE (switch) - 50, 22, 7 watts - IMPEDANCE (switch) - 4, 8 & 16 ohms - 2 SPEAKER OUTPUTS (jacks) - LINE OUT cabinet voiced (jack) - EFF LOOP send/receive (jacks) - MASTER BOOST (adjustable control) - FS44L or FS22 FOOT SWITCH (jacks) - CHANNEL, REVERB, MASTER BOOST - 120 or 240 VAC 50-60 Hz (switch) - Covered in black vinyl - Made in the USA