Carvin Vintage 16 Amp Head + 2x12 matching Cab


Carvin Vintage 16 Amp Head + 2x12 matching Cab
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This package includes the VT16 Head and the Matching Carvin 2x12 Cabinet.


Carvin VT16

The new VT16 micro-head takes the great features and tone of the popular Vintage16 combo, and puts them in a compact head. This is the low-wattage, “boutique” recording tube amp so many players are looking for, and everything about this little amp oozes tone. The SOAK control goes from stout clean tones with rich midrange body to a filling upper-midrange snarl defining its tweed sound. The ALL tube design incorporates V1 12AX7 preamp and two EL84 output tubes. The power amp in its normal “PENTODE” mode puts out a crisp 16 watts. The “TRIODE” mode produces 5 watts of incredibly sweet spongy harmonics, ideal for both mic’d recording and small stage rigs. Wide bass, mid and treble control range, combined with classic long-tail reverb puts an amazing range of sound at your fingertips. Selectable 8 ohm/16 ohm impedance switch, along with silent mode for line-out operation. Made to last, with a quality plywood enclosure covered in vintage tweed.