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Fret Butter DMI Guitar Labs
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The DMI Labs Fret Butter is a simple and unique fingerboard cleaner which comes with its own applicator cloth. Fret Butter offers a cruelty-free and vegan solution to bring your stringed instrument's fingerboard back to life. It is made from only food grade products, and it contains no harmful chemicals or lemon oil for a fresher scent too. The DMI Labs Fret Butter offers a smooth, satin finish and it prevents cracking of the fingerboard by protecting against sweat and corrosion. Fret Butter provides multiple uses, as it comes in a convenient re-sealable pack with a re-usable cloth.

Key Features

  • Brings Your Instrument's Fingerboard Back to Life
  • Apply Butter & Clean Fingerboard With Fret Cloth
  • No Harmful Chemicals For Natural Cleaning Solution
  • Hydrates Wood & Removes Grime For Smooth Finish
  • Re-Sealable Zippered Pack Offers Multiple Use