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As one of the most Iconic names in the music industry, Fender produce some great giftware products. We have selected some of our favourites from the range.

Fender Book Ends

These fantastic Fender Book Ends are made out of body rejects from the Fender Factory. They are beautifully finished and make a fantastic gift for a Guitarist.

Fender Stratocaster Book Ends 

£65 - In Stock (Vegas Gold)

Fender Telecaster Book Ends 

£65 - Sold Out

Fender P-Bass Book Ends

£65 - In Stock (Black)

Fender Strat and Tele Chopping Boards

These are really nicely made with a lovely inlaid Fender logo on the bottom. We thought it would make a classy cheese board for the end of a meal with friends.

Statocaster Chopping Board 

£37.50 - In Stock

Telecaster Chopping Board 

£37.50 - Limited Stock

Logo Shot and Pint glasses

Simple but effective. Everyone needs glasses and why not have an iconic name on them! Great gift, we particularly like the shot glasses which are perfect to celebrate a birthday or special occasion.

Fender Headstock Shot Glasses set of 4. 

£16.50 - Limited Stock

Fender 4 set of Pint Glasses with Strat and Logo. 

£18.95 - Limited Stock

Fender 4 set of Pint Glasses logo only.

£18.95 - Sold Out

Fender Fedoras - £18.50

Great design and quality.

100% Cotton

  • Black With Pin S/M - Sold Out
  • Black With Pin L/XL - Sold Out
  • Classic Fender Vibe Axe Plaid S/M - Sold Out
  • Classic Fender Vibe Axe Plaid L/XL - In Stock

  • Fender Bottle Openers

    These bottle openers make great gifts all year around. The iconic models of the Strat, Tele and P Bass are beautifully made and will make a useful (if not essential to a musician) accessory for years!

    £13.90 - In Stock

    Hendrix Fender Mugs 

    The iconic Hendrix Fender pics on mugs making a brilliant and affordable gift.

    Peace Sign Hendrix Mug

    £10.90 - In Stock

    Kiss Sky Hendrix Mug

    £10.90 - In Stock

    Small wooden Fender guitars and bass

    We were thrilled to see these brilliant little models. They are marked as Christmas Tree ornaments but make a great little gift for a desk of a guitar lover!

    They are made of wood and are beautifully detailed including strings and the sunburst finishes are brilliantly done.

    Fender '50s Stratocaster - £12.50 - In Stock

    Fender Classic Sunburst Stratocaster - £12.50 - In Stock

    Fender Blonde Telecaster - £12.50 - In Stock

    Fender Classic Sunburst P-Bass - £12.50 - In Stock