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    Acoustic Guitar Restring

    How to restring an acoustic guitar guide with Video, images and descriptions of the process. Highly recommended techniques from years of experience.

    Back To School For Music Plymouth

    Back to school products available in store. Ukuleles, Recorders, Classicals...

    Breaking Strings? String Breakage Fixes

    If you are experiencing problems with breaking strings then this article may help isolate some issues. **"Strings do break from age or because of a flaw in the...

    Carvin Custom Guitars UK

    Information about Carvin Guitars for the UK

    D'Addario Acoustic Strings

    D'Addario Acoustic Strings summary page with Tone Slider and description on the different types of D'Addario Acoustic String.

    D'Addario EXL110BT vs EXL110

    10-46 are probably the most popular gauge of string in the world and are certainly the biggest selling strings for us at Sound Unlimited. There are historical...