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Wooden Guitar Pick - Santos Rosewood Exotic Wood TT-PL-SR


Santos Rosewood - Machaerium spp.

Janka Hardness: 1780

Tonal Influence | Durability: Medium Bright | Medium Hard

Also known as: None

Grows: Bolivia 

Description: This beautiful multi coloured wood is a common replacement for Brazilian Rosewood. Its colour ranges from chocolate to light brown and a beautiful and much-prized wood. Used in many musical instruments including classical guitar bodies and violin bows.



Timber Tone Review Link

“Wood makes a huge difference to the tones of guitars. This article has some wood tone explainations to help you understand the effect it has on the overall sound.”

Tone Woods – Article

Timber Tones Review

"Using a wood plectrum for the first time can be a breakthrough moment for a musician. Some will never go back to nylon or plastic once they’ve tried it. It opens up a whole new avenue for modifying your tone and expands on the choices a musician will already have made with regard to the guitar itself and choices of strings. It is very liberating to be able to produce a brighter or warmer sound simply through changing your pick."

Guide to Wood Guitar Picks Article

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