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Developed especially for Greg Koch and is a combination of the features of the DGTM and the Luxury Drive, offering a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities. The Gristle, Tone, Gravy and Flavour controls works as on the DGTM, the More control works as the chicken head on the Luxury Drive, and in addition to that the DGTM has two new toggles. The Gristle King gives you
two effects, plus extra tonal possibilities, in one compact unit.



Technical specs

 Input Impedance @ 1KHz > 1 M Ohm
 Output Impedance@1KHz
< 10 k Ohm
 Power supply 9 V DC
 Minimum Power supply Voltage 8 V DC
 Maximum Power supply Voltage 12,5 V DC
 Current Draw @ 9V DC 8 mA
 Maximum input signal Vp/p 3 Vp/p
 Battery Type 9 V Block 6F22
 Battery Life 12 – 16 Hours
 External connectors Input Jack. Output Jack, 9V DC jack
 Controls Gristle (On/Off), More switch, Gristle (distortion), Tone, Gravy (Volume), More, Pre/Post, Flavor
 Depth 94 mm
 Width 127 mm
 Height 57 mm
 Weight (excl. battery) 0,400 kg

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