RH150G3 150W Valve Dynamic Head

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RH150G3 150W Valve Dynamic Head


Randall Amps started back in the 1940’s and is named after Don Randall, who started out as Leo Fender’s partner and was the man responsible for Amplifier design.  Don decided to start his own company and develop new, more radical designs. This became the basis for the Randall Amplifier Company.

Randall builds a pro touring line of solid state amplifiers designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern guitarist. Their amps are road-worthy in their dependability and provide the tone that guitarists demand from their equipment.

Notable artists endorsing Randall include: Metallica, Anthrax, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool, Alice Cooper, Fear Factory, Arch Enemy and George Lynch to name a few.  


Randall RH150G3 – Breaking the tone barrier between Tube and FET has been a challenge to most amp designers for a long time. But, during the recent development of the new V2 and T2, we made several ground breaking discoveries that allowed us to narrow in as to why tube power reacts and feels so much differently than a traditional solid-state power amp. Those discoveries, as you’ll hear this year, resulted in the revolutionary new Valve-Dynamic power section.

Randall RH150G3 incorporates a single 12AT7 tube to drive a large Mosfet output circuit, this highly advanced power circuit has a natural compression which clips extremely soft at higher volumes reacting very much like a traditional power tube. The key or secret to this new circuit however, was capturing or emulating the true frequency response curve of a standard power tube which has very unique characteristics to that of solid-state power amp. Our new Valve-Dynamic circuit not only captures a tubes reactive qualities, but also the warmth, feel, and musical character of full tube power amp, but with the durability of a Mosfet power amplifier.


150 Watt head with new “Valve-Dynamic” power

2 channels w/3 modes 

Gain 1: Classic hi-gain

Gain 2: Modern hi-gain 

Voicing and Contour controls.

Clean channel w/boost option

Dual 3-band EQ’s,

12AT7 tube driven MOSFET power circuit 

Spring reverb 

Effects loop w/level controls

Line out 

RF4G3 foot controller included

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