Randall RH50T - 50W Tube Head

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Randall RH50T - 50W Tube Head


Randall Amps started back in the 1940’s and is named after Don Randall, who started out as Leo Fender’s partner and was the man responsible for Amplifier design.  Don decided to start his own company and develop new, more radical designs. This became the basis for the Randall Amplifier Company.

Randall builds a pro touring line of solid state amplifiers designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern guitarist. Their amps are road-worthy in their dependability and provide the tone that guitarists demand from their equipment.

Notable artists endorsing Randall include: Metallica, Anthrax, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool, Alice Cooper, Fear Factory, Arch Enemy and George Lynch to name a few.  


Randall RH50T – Introducing the new all tube line that breaks a barrier for price and performance. Continuing to offer the most flexible features, the new Tube Series incorporates 4 modes of operation in 2 fully independent channels. Channel 1 or Overdrive channel includes dual Gain stages for hi-gain rhythm and lead. Gain-1 is a tight feeling classic to hi-gain tone with great note definition while Gain 2 is a bit softer with more gain for lead tones with liquid sustain.

Channel 2 or Clean channel is a traditional clean tone with sparkly highs and cutting mid-range. The footswitchable boost function adds some grit and volume for a nice semi-distorted country to blues lead tone.

The RH50T is a great sounding tube amp to jam at home with friends or flexible high performance road amp.


50 watts

Two EL34 power tubes

Four 12AX7EHS

Two Channels w/4 modes

Dual gain stages:
Gain 1- Classic hi-gain rhythm
Gain 2 – Modern hi-gain lead

Clean Channel w/boost function

Spring reverb

Series effects loop

8/16 ohm external speaker outs

Line output

Includes 4-button footswitch

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