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ProMark Small Broomsticks are a smaller, more manageable version of the original Broomsticks. Broomsticks are a hybrid between brushes and ProMark Rods made from actual broomcorn. Broomsticks offer greater volume than brushes, though less attack than rods. Adjustable O-rings allow the player to change the spread of the bristles much like one would with a pair of brushes.

ProMark “Alternative Sound Sources” offer a wide variety of alternatives to traditional drumsticks. Everything from brushes, to rods, to broomsticks. Achieve the sound you’re looking for!

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Hybrid of brushes and ProMark Rods

Length: 13-¼" Diameter: .750"

Adjustable O-rings allow for control of bristle spread

Made from actual broomcorn

All ProMark drumsticks are designed and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry