Planet Waves Pedal Board Cable Kit PW-GPKIT-10

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Custom cut cable to suit your pedal board’s layout. The plugs and cables in this kit are specially designed for quick and reliable assembly, simply cut, twist and screw and you’re done. Includes 10 feet of cable, 10 right-angle plugs and a mini cable cutter.

Planet Waves solderless cable kits are the ultimate solution for custom wiring pedal boards, rack gear, and your entire layout from guitar to amp. Say good bye to messy, unreliable wiring and say hello to custom cut cable lengths that perfectly suit your needs. Planet Waves plugs and cables provide the most accurate and reliable sound reproduction, from guitar, to amp, and all points in between. Many of Planet Waves most notable artists use the solderless cable kits as their primary pedalboard and rack wiring solution.

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In=Out Technology: Low capacitance for pure signal transparency

24k gold-plated plugs provide superior signal flow and corrosion resistance

Solderless plugs connect to cable in seconds no matter where you are, creating exact required lengths easily

Road-tested plug connections hold up even the toughest gigging situation

Limited lifetime guarantee