MSSF8-Snl 2inch Faux Fur - Leather Ends - Sni

Mssf8-sni_2inch_faux_fur_-_leather_ends_-_sni_orig_2928 Mssf8-sni_2inch_faux_fur_-_leather_ends_-_sni_orig_2929
Not Available
Unfortunately, this item is no longer available from Sound Unlimited and we do not intend to stock it in the future. It may be available from other retailers, however. As such, it will not be possible for you to add this to your basket on the Sound Unlimited site but please feel free to make use of the information provided.



Levy’s Leathers – Guitar Straps, Gig Bags, Other Instrument Straps

Levy’s is a leading manufacturer of consumer leather and nylon goods with manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

The company was founded in 1973 by Dennis Levy and is run by Dennis and his brother Harvey.

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Faux Fur Guitar Straps