Fishman AFX Delay

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Fishman AFX Delay

Fishman have established themselves as one of the finest pickup manufacturers for many years, and used worldwide by professionals. Now they’ve released their brand new all metal construction pedal range, specifically designed for acoustic instruments. Superior sound, build and easy of use, they wont disappoint.


Fishman AFX Delay effects pedal from Fishman is the first effects specifically designed for the acoustic guitar with all of the tonal nuances, rich natural sound and attention to detail that only Fishman can deliver.

Available in Chorus, Delay and Reverb models, AFX pedals provide a palette of great sounding effects without colouring the signature sound of the instrument. Each effect is carefully chosen and refined to provide a range of tonal flavour, yet allow the instrument’s natural voice to shine through.

Fishman AFX Delay is easy to use and built for the stage with rugged all-metal construction, each AFX pedal features eight effect presets and a Level knob to mix effects in with you sound, two effect-adjustment controls and a bypass footswitch. An all-analogue, buffered bypass path ensures your guitar’s tone will remain clear and clean even when multiple pedals are chained.

Fishman AFX Delay pedal also feature incredibly quiet 24-bit A/D/A and 32-bit processing for the highest audio quality; a clip/low battery ligh and 9-Volt battery. The pedal can also be powered via an optional power adaptor.

Fishman AFX Delay Features

Delay stomp box for acoustic guitar

Modern Delay for ultra-clean delay and Classic Delay for warm analogue echoes

Four presets for each effect: Short, Medium, Long, Ping Pong

Up to 2.9 secs of delay

Tap tempo feature with footswitch input sets eighth, dotted eighth or quarter notes

Delay Hold feature for short phrase sampling

Level control

Repeats control

Delay Time control

All-analogue, buffered bypass with footswitch control

¼" stereo ins and outs

Input Gain switch adsd level boost while maintaining unity gain

Clip light (also indicates low battery)

24 bit A/D/A

32-bit processing

9V battery or optional power supply

Durable all-metal construction

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