Evans BD22GB4C 22 inch EQ4 Bass Batter Coated 1-ply

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Evans 22" frosted EQ4 single-ply bass head contains an internal overtone control ring with a removable muffle ring for optimal slap without sacrificing bottom end.

Evans EQ4 series features a special, single ply of 10mil film that provides durability and a woody attack that speaks live and in the studio.. The fixed internal ring is proportional to the head size, optimizing control from 18" to 26".

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22" drum head with fixed internal overtone control ring proportional to the size of the head

An internal overtone control ring and a removable muffle ring coupled with dry-vents work extremely well with and without a microphone

Single ply of 10mil film offers full, wide-open tone

Also available in a clear version

All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA